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University information services uis needs a thorough understanding of what you need from collaboration tools and how you will use them to support your daily activities. Worksheets are word 2016 expert mos 2016, microsoft official academic course microsoft word 2016, microsoft word exercise, high school educator s microsoft word 2016, quick reference card visit, beginners microsoft word 2016, word 2016 tips tricks, keyboard shortcuts for microsoft word 2016 for windows. Specifically, we will progress from learning how to open microsoft word to creating a document and utilizing many useful functions. Basic actions in microsoft word making a new document 20. The purpose of this practice exercise is to help prepare you to complete the word and excel assignment. To do this, repeat the above steps, but at the last step, right click i. Beginning word practice 1 beginning microsoft word. Your instructor might already have copied the practice files before you arrive in class. Exercise files are interactive learning documents that accompany your new horizons training, and enhance class information with real examples and practice drills that hone your skills. After you have typed the first paragraph, delete all tabs. You, yes you, if youre here that means either youre a student or an employee.

Virtual portal for interaction and ict training for people with disabilities self assessment questions and practical exercises outcome no. Its good for the practice in which you will learn insert menu option, text adjustment between the table, page size, text boxes. Open a new word document click on file tab and select new. Which icon should be used in order to close the workbook. Word 2010 basic exercises poudre river public library. This is a fast and easy way to apply formatting as you work. Highlight your text and change the font size to 20. In this exercise, you learn to import a pdf file, apply formatting, and save as a pdf.

Find and use the copy command at least 75% of the time 2. This course is for those who are new to microsoft word in general, those who are simply new to word 2016, as well as those looking for a refresher on many of the basic to intermediate features and functions of microsoft word. The object of this exercise is to familiarize you with some of the important commands associated with using microsoft word to produce academic papers. Click on popout icon or print icon to worksheet to print or download.

Exercise 8 formatting characters with microsoft word. Introduction to ms excel files, workbooks, worksheets, columns and rows. Microsoft word for creating a summary document containing the results and discussion from two excel exercise. Self assessment questions and practical exercises vipi. Microsoft excel for creating tables, scatter plots, and completing data analysis. For a full discussion of each app, including indepth coverage of advanced topics, refer to the step by step book for each app. This exercise will cover how to center a line of text, how to insert todays date, and the difference between soft and hard returns. The book incorporates a series of stepbystep exercises to illustrate words.

In this free microsoft word 2016 tutorial well look at the exercise and completed files for the course that will help you easily follow along. If youre a student and preparing for a computer exam, then look no further than this quiz. Microsoft office 2007 word assignments computers grade 9. The purpose of the following exercises is to help you practise the common functionality which is available in the word processing response area for the f5f9.

Explain that both word and excel have the same paste command 4. When you open a blank document in microsoft word 2016, you see a. Microsoft word online practice tests 2019 microsoft word. Starting word in this exercise, you learn how to start word.

When you point to a picture you will see the name for that picture or tool. Click on the start button in the bottom left corner of the screen 2. Step by step word processing exercises acca global. But if youre an employee, then this might be a good practice to test your microsoft word skills, you might get to learn something that you didnt before. It includes an introduction to the interface, and covers the various aspects of creating, formatting, editing, saving, and printing a document.

This exercise will cover how to center a line of text, how to insert todays date, and. Microsoft word 2016 step by step, microsoft powerpoint 2016 step by step, and microsoft outlook 2016 step by. Click on the link to free adobe acrobat reader at the top of the page. Basic actions in microsoft word making a new document. Choose all programs then microsoft office 20 followed by word 20 tip. In order for your client to use and maintain the invoice you downloaded in the previous exercise, he has requested that you customize several tabs on the ribbon to make the worksheet easier to manage and edit. Experience learning made easyand quickly teach yourself how to create greatlooking documents with microsoft word 20. List of microsoft word exercises for students klient solutech. Enter the labels and values in the exact cells locations as desired. The exercises will take you through a set of examples, step by step, using some of the main pieces of functionality you are likely to need in the exams.

Adobe acrobat reader is needed for viewing pdf files. Virtual portal for interaction and ict training for people. Pdf microsoft word practice exercises beginning microsoft. Word exercises 810 formatting characters page 1 exercise 8 formatting characters with microsoft word character formatting is used to emphasize text. You can use microsoft clipart, or clips online, to do the following practice exercises. He was an old man who fished alone in a skiff in the gulf. Specifically, word will be used to import tablesplots.

Using microsoft word practice 1 english for everyone. Find and use the paste command at least 75% of the time 3. More than 25% of items completed correctly more than 50% of items completed correctly more than 75% of items completed correctly all items completed correctly each step to complete is considered a single item, even if it is part of a larger string of steps. The exercises have been based on a number of f8 style questions as this subject makes use of the word processing area for the majority of. If it is not installed on your computer, you can download a free copy from this site. By formatting text, you can make your document more attractive and readable. I highly recommend that you practice using shortcuts for the functions you use. Microsoft word 2010 basics about this class this class is designed to give a basic introduction into microsoft word 2010. He was an old man who fished alone in a skiff in the gulf stream and he had gone eightyfour days now without taking a fish. Word 2016 accessibility download free microsoft office word 2016 accessibility, course tutorial, training, a pdf. Type the exercise below down through to and including the first paragraph. Youll probably be using word quite frequently in the future, so its worth putting it as an icon on the desktop. The purpose of the following exercises is to help you practise the common functionality which is available in the word processing response area for the f5 f9.

Make additional tabs appear, and then insert a picture and work with the picture tools. Files can be downloaded from the list below as compressed zip files. Uis wants your feedback about its online collaboration services. Practice 1 rubric 0 3 5 8 10 less than 25% of more than 25% more than 50% more than 75% all items items completed of items.

Microsoft excel 20 dit dublin institute of technology. Microsoft official academic course microsoft word 2016. Microsoft word 2010 activity mercer county public library. Tabs can be left, or right aligned, centered or decimal tabs. You could just read through them, but i recommend that you sit down by your pc and perform them as described.

There will be additional computer classes in the near. Go to picture tools format, choose the crop tool 3. I understood my exercises and was able to do them in the right order. Mouse over a cropping handle, your mouse cursor will change depending on the cropping handle your mouse is over. Word processing practice exercises after completing the practice exercises, carefully compare your printouts to the practice exercise. The book incorporates a series of stepbystep exercises to illustrate word s capabilities.

Microsoft official academic course microsoft word 2016 includes coverage of the following microsoft office specialist mos exams. Hi, and welcome to word 2016 essential training, im david rivers. Microsoft word 2007 page 7 computer course preevaluation congratulations on starting up the essential skills for word processing guide. Word exercises for word 2016 for the windows pc these documents correspond with the librarys ms word 2016 handout for the class offered under the same name. When using a ms word you can save your document on the computer d. Word and excel practice exercise queens university. Worksheets are microsoft word exercise, office word for beginners, microsoft word 2010 basics, using microsoft word practice 1, microsoft office word, word 2010, microsoft word work 4, essential skills checklist. Follow the same steps we used in exercise 15 in the word basics class adding shading or a border to a document to edit your borders andor shading. You can change character formatting by making text bold or italic, for example, or by changing the style of the type. Selecting text to make edits is an important word processing skill. Ms word 2016 this 36page booklet, in pdf form, is the curriculum used by kathy handy in the saratoga springs public librarys ms word 2016 class. If it is not spaced like the answers, you may need to make sure the parts that are. Word 2010 basic exercises poudre river public library district 1 exercise 1 open a new word document click on file tab and select new select blank presentation return to the file tab and choose save as name your document pet talent contest poster so you can find it again once it is saved then look on the top of the screen note the change.

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